Undergraduate lecture notes from my time at Cambridge. Browse at your discretion.


Analysis I Numbers & Sets
Differential Equations Probability
Dynamics & Relativity Vector Calculus
Groups Vectors & Matrices


Analysis & Topology Groups, Rings & Modules
Complex Analysis Linear Algebra
Complex Methods Markov Chains
Electromagnetism Methods
Fluid Dynamics Statistics
Geometry Variational Principles


Algebraic Geometry Logic & Set Theory
Algebraic Topology Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Analysis of Functions Probability and Measure
Classical Dynamics Quantum Information and Computation
Differential Geometry Representation Theory
General Relativity Riemann Surfaces
Linear Analysis Statistical Physics


4-manifolds Differential Geometry
Algebraic Geometry Knots
Algebraic Topology Mapping Class Groups
Complex Manifolds Symplectic Geometry
Coxeter Groups Topics in Symplectic Topology